What is your most common attic injury?

Mine is those darn pieces of super sharp metal plates they join wood with.

I don’t get to many nails in the head but I always seem to snag something on those plates :frowning:

I’ve never sustained an injury in an attic. Now a crawl is a whole 'nother story.

simply getting insulation all over is enough.

Burning eyes from sweating like a…

Like a realtor when they find out that Honor Construction is doing the home inspection!


No injuries here, always wear a respirator and hard hat with a miner’s light and long pants. After living up north in the cold for 22 years, I don’t mind sweating my tail off in an attic, so long as I never have to scrap ice off my windshield when it’s 10 below zero for the rest of my life.

I once passed gas on a hot day then realized I had to crawl back through it…man that was painful!..Damn Taco Bell!..

Don’t even start Preston…

I got a sliver once …Roy

Most common…splinters.

Most dreaded…the “snap” of a rat trap on the fingers.#-o

  1. Splinters

  2. Nails in the back

  3. Truss gang plates

  4. My back when I see a valley set in a 3 in 12 pitch trussed roof :wink:

  • Nails in a low pitch roof scratching your head
  • Insulation coming down on your face when opening a scuttle hole
  • **All kind of $$$***t inside the attic that you have to move around and get hanged up with…
  • 112-120F burning your brains and swetting your life away.
  • + much much more…:-({|=

Just to name a few…all that for $100.00 that hardly pays for my H2 HUMMER gas…:roll:


Several white polo shirts turned into calico.

Sweatty nuttyitis.


Liked it before and liked it again Thanks… Roy

Fine to make the joke. Reality is that there are hazards.

You could suffer a stroke or heart attack after entering the attic and not be noticed as missing, you need not worry about anything else if this should happen.

You could encounter a wild animal that attacks you.

You could get stuck in a tight area, some of you might. I won’t go there.

I get dents in the head all the time it is the nature of the game.

People fall through the sheetrock all the time. They aren’t usually inspectors but if it happens the fall can result in serious injury.

Getting back on the ladder after the attic has been entered poses a risk.

Pesticide applications in the past pose a risk as well as the potential for other unsafe chemicals in insulation etc.

When you enter an attic you place yourself in an unsafe environment. Take the appropriate precautions. Respirators will save your lungs, kneepads your knees a bump cap your head, pricing the job appropriately will save you from poverty.

Damn you beat me to it. They still have 49 cent tacos and free drinks for guys your age

I think I have seen that sign somewhere…

OK guys, attics are very dangerous I have been in this business for 43 years. This post is gone to far take a look what happen to me from poison chemicals in the attic in Florida!

This is what I look like! Be careful in the attics!

I was in an attic two weeks ago where the only way to get across the attic was bent 90 deg at the waist, and swinging my legs over the collar ties. Some of the collar ties truly tested my inseam. I picked up 3 splinters.