A Zinsco of a different color

Here is an “old” Zinsco.

Jackson 151.jpg

Jackson 152.jpg

Kewl 8)

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Zinsco fuse box.

Hey, Charlie

See ya’ one Zinsco and Raise ya’ another.
Found this system on my very first inspection on Sat. 11/11/06.
What are your thoughts, guys and gals.

You didn’t teach me anything like this at BTC.:roll: :slight_smile:



Fire waiting to happen. You might suggest they keep body bags close by, just in case.

Holy crap! Is that dirty underwear hanging there?! I would have written it up as “inaccessible” panel(s) :wink:

So that box pictured in the first post, is it a problem? looks to be wired ok.

Other than the fact that it’s old and obsolete, there are no more problems with this type of Zinsco, than there is with any other fuse boxes.

Charles, be careful out there.