Lost my Zinsco virginity!

Look at what I found, (subpanel) grounds and neutrals bonded , burned neutral conductor. Panel was over recessed.

zinsco reigle 2.jpg

Reigle zinsco 3.jpg

Hey Ernest,

I’ve stopped opening them. I’ve had two in the last year and a half that have arched and burnt through two conductors while removing and or reinstalling the dead front cover. If it’s an FPE, Zinsco or Sylvania I refer it to an independent licensed electrical contractor for further inspection/service/replacement as needed to ensure safe, hazard free, code compliant systems integrity prior to close of escrow. I’m sure you’ve seen the following link:


Come-on Will. Where’s your sense of adventure? :wink:

hmmmmm, we have a CMI saying not to open them and Zinsco guru saying its an adventure…what is it guys, it was my first I had too…

lol…well my opinion is OPEN them and possibly save a clients life and investment money…Look like a hero and learn all you can about the little in’s and out’s of the Zinsco WORLD.

Not all Zinsco’s panels you see will be in bad shape…THEN you have to educate yourself to make the RIGHT call.

I agree with Paul. Rarely is there a panel that I won’t open. Its brand name makes no difference to me. You can find all sorts of interesting things.

FWIW - I’m on that CMI list as well :wink:



Its all good Jeff thanks for all your good info here, I love reading yours and Pauls posts, BTW I know a CMI with no where near 1000 inspections…lol

yeah but the inspector you know has 1,000 hours of education so it’s all good…:wink:

uh…yeah…right…lol, maybe he just knows somebody!..B-)