AAA to the rescue

I had a little trouble in the driveway at my inspection today.

Thanks to my wife for the AAA card as I did not have to pay and I was inspecting so I did not waste but 20 minutes getting unstuck.

My truck blows for traction. If there is a covering of snow and an incline of an inch I go nowhere fast.

131709 032 (Small).jpg

131709 032 (Small).jpg

131709 032 (Small).jpg

David, there have been many days this winter when the 4 wheel drive saved my rear end.

Maybe for your next truck.

What’s that white stuff? Looks like some sort of powder.

There is a way around that weather Dave----:stuck_out_tongue:



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I forgot what that yellow circle looked like.

It has been a very cold & snowy winter!!

You know that you can make that yellow circle in the snow yourself. It will just heat up a smaller area.:smiley:

Next time I get stuck I will have a case of beer in the truck. That way I can keep urinating on my tires and driveway.

That’s how we thawed switch locks when I worked on the railroad. We had plenty of beer in us from the night before. :shock:

I’ve been stuck several times this winter like that, and then decided to carry a snow shovel with me, so that I can dig out enough space behind all 4 tires, so that I can rock myself out.
Its worked each time…

I had a shovel but it did not help me out. I even had new tires purchased this fall.

Oh well, glad the wife paid for the AAA service.

AAA is a good buy. We’ve been a member for many years.

Got weight in the back? I referred to my truck as the Gentle Giant during my first winter with it. Hills and more than 4 inches deep of snow often put it to shame. Ever since I started putting 700 lbs of sandbags in the back in the winter (and maintain proper tire PSI), it handles like a glove through even the nastiest of snow. :smiley: