Anyone do snow plowing?

Just wondering if there are any other snow removal services out there.

Yes I do snow removal during the winter as a contract. Here every business does it during the winter.

Glad to say we seldom get enough snow to run a snow machine in my area.

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We don’t have a big call for it either:mrgreen:

Who’s got time?
Even though MN more or less shuts down in Wintertime, I am one of the only two (another Nachi member) inspectors (within 60 miles) that will get our butts out there in sub-zero (actually 20 below or colder) weather!
Everyone else sits in their heated cabs pushing snow around, or heads down to Florida!
Bunch of pu**ies if you ask me!!!
All good though. Just another notch in this inspectors reputation belt!

Here is a typical area picture from March last year

May 2, 2013…

Yes… I worked that day! (Realtor didn’t show, but my clients did)! :slight_smile:

I do both Jeffrey but it is the shutting down part that is a killer. All night snow removal and one Inspection in the morning or afternoon. Very rare to get 2 in one day in the dead of winter.

Man, if I get into snow removal I will have the market locked up super tight! I looked and there isn’t one single snow removal company here!..Man, when it snows here I could be a Billionaire!

I predict that we’ll have the worst winter in many years this year.

Where I live & work, we get an average of 86in. of snow a year! So having a service or a powerful snowblower is part of life!

I predict that I will need to use my tiny Honda snow thrower very little this year .
4 years old and used about three gallons of gas.

you do not any snow because of apple farts.:wink: go 50 miles north .lol

No we live close to Lake Ontario its warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer it makes a huge difference .
Just go 10 miles north and WOW what a difference .
This was in April 22 miles north .

LOL i know Roy i was being a smart ***. I use to service the Bell Tower the old TD2 site in the orchard there.

I just plow our own driveway and my parents. If some of the elderly neighbors look like they’re having a tough time, I’ll pull in.


I have to agree with you on this. I have been saying the same thing for months now.

As far as plowing, no. There would be times that I would have to decide: Inspection(s) or Plowing? I’m an inspector and not a plower! :wink:

I love plowing, but we haven’t had any big snow storms in years. I think that is about to change in a big way.

Interesting. My dad used to always say the winter would be mild if the squirrel’s nests were high in the trees. They’re all high this year.

Anything you base your predictions on similar to that?