Abandoned cables shall be removed!

And your point is what, specifically?

Please explain to all of us ANY industry standard SOP relative to electrical iinspections within the realm oof the home inspection industry. Most participants on this message board are Home inspectors, not commmercial property iinspectors. Of those who dabble, all but a few limit their forays into light commercial.

Sir, you are NOT a member, so please dont say you are. If you are a STUDENT, then please ask relevent questions that a legitimate student may ask.


This message appears when I access the Members Only Log In located in the upper right hand corner when on the message board:

"Hi there, Joseph!

Thanks for choosing to be an InterNACHI student (account since 7/19/2011)"

The words InterNACHI Student should be added under my name instead of InterNACHI Member. Sorry for the confusion; maybe Chris or Nick can make this change. :slight_smile:

Hopefully, as a student you will be able to learn a few things about home inspections.

If you need any assistance in how to take your extensive knowledge about the electrical code and apply it to a home inspection, I’m sure that Paul Abernathy’s videos, audios and textbooks can be made available to you while you learn.

He has been a very valuable resource to us and has done much to help advance the profession as well as the electrical skills of those who participate in it.

Although untagged cables not in use are required to be removed I find that article to be very biased. They try to argue that there’s a huge liability issue with unused tagged cables. Sounds like they are trying to sell more new cable which is exactly what will have to happen if you remove the old cable instead of tagging it as permitted by the NEC.