Many distribution cables entering in top main panel knock-out

This just seems wrong to have more than 3 distribution cables entering through the top main knock-out. Would you call this out? The home is only 11 years old and has all the approval inspection stickers (final). Thought with all the other knock-outs, they should have been utilized with the proper bushings.

In some locales this is the way it’s done, if they’re supposed to follow the NEC then it’s always a violation because those cable connectors are not listed for that many cables in each connector.

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Electrons work differently in different parts of the country :smiley:


That has been new construction SOP for the past 10-15 years here.

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Kinda hard to call it out, when it passed the city final.


That’s an interesting point, I’m on the fence about it but leaning towards it should be reported unless there is a local code amendment that permits it. I tend to think about what could happen if the new buyer goes and sells the house in the future and the next inspector reports it as a defect and then these people are stuck with having to pay to fix it.

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IMO not a problem,

I found this yesterday, which is a problem.


I agree with Robert, not compliant with the NEC. Although there is a similar method allowed only for surface mount panels that is compliant with certain restrictions.

It’s only 11 years old, it passed the city inspection. I wouldn’t call it out. If the rest of the panel is cool, simply shoot a few pics, check off ‘Satisfactory’ and move on.

Yeah, that’s what I did. Thanks. My next inspection after this one was the same way and it was only 9 years old!