Abandoned Tank in Attic

Hi all, this forum has been great to us as we are selling our home and getting ready for inspections soon. Been learning so much by just reading these posts.

We have two 30 gallon electric water heaters in the attic. We had a plumber drain and disconnect the water heaters a few years ago when we purchased the house because our inspector was concerned with the heaters freezing in the NJ winters. We located the water heater to the main level of the house, but left the previous water heaters abandoned in the attic.

My question is this…Is it okay to leave them abandoned in the attic or is this something that will cause concern for the inspector when we sell our home?

i’m hard arse in my reports
“all abandoned or orphaned construction materials should be, or must be removed by permit/code in certain circumstances from foundation perimeter, crawlspace, living space and attic areas”
why leave your s-crap for someone else to deal with…turn the tables & do unto others

If the tanks were COMPLETELY drained, the electrical service was properly disconnected, and they were/are properly supported there should be no issue.

That is not guaranteeing the buyers inspector will not call it out for some who knows what reason.

Personally if they are fairly easy to remove I would remove them. If not I’d leave them and wait and see what the buyer’s inspection reveals.

Disclose that they are there and not being used when you list the home. As long as gas is capped and water is properly disconnected I would note its there but not recommend anything further. Or, remove them and make a few $ at the metal yard.