About to take Florida State Test

Good morning. I have recently completed the 120hr course and now ready for the state test. Is there a study guide specific to Florida. I noticed much of the material in the 120hr course really doesn’t apply to Florida since we don’t have to many basement and our heating for the most part is pretty simple.

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I took the test recently, questions you would classify “non Florida” we’re asked. Remember that Florida is a huge state with a myriad type of constructions variations from North to South. I recently helped in an inspection of an old 1920’s building in Miami with a crawlspace and gas heater!

I would recommend you to take the InterNACHI test several times and download the InterNACHI flash card app. These helped me a whole lot.

Good luck, rooting for you!


Hi, Steve. Step #3 at https://www.nachi.org/florida-licensing-home-inspector-exam.htm has helpful resources to prep for the FL state home inspector licensing exam.


I would also recommend the internachi test, take it multiple times and make sure you are scoring very high each time. Also take the WDO course on here. If you fail one section of the state exam you fail the entire test regardless of overall score and the WDO information asked on state exam isnt covered in the 120hr course.


I agree. You for sure should take the WDO course. They asked several questions on this area for me and the course was most helpful.

I passed the Florida State Exam today. The InterNachi exam practice test helped a lot.

Thank You InterNachi


Great to hear, Bruce.

Can you tell me about the Florida Exam?
How many questions, time to take it and is there any reference material provided?
Thanks and congratulations!!

Hi, Yes I would be happy to tell you.

120 Questions and 1 hour to complete. I took all the InterNACHI pre licensing 120 hours courses as well as the CPI courses and the WDO course.

I did the InterNACHI inspectors exam many times until I was in the 90"s for my score. I signed up for the InterNACHI proctored exam.

It was the best exam I have taken. The courses really prepare you for the test. I provided you a link below and know you will pass if you take the InterNACHI courses.

Please let me know how it goes.

Thanks, Bruce


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Thanks for the info. I appreciate it and will let you know. About finished with all the courses plus some ancillary courses. So I will start practice testing after that and see how it goes. Thanks again.

Great to hear, Bruce.

Just passed my exam using the flash cards and the online tests. Thanks

Thats Great, Congratulations!

I took the InterNACHI exam in Florida about 6 months ago. The courses are so good that the exam seemed too easy.
I missed a couple questions because I had missed a course entirely. Then missed one question because it had no correct answers.
All in all, the InterNACHI courses are great. Take the InterNACHI test, because it’s based on stuff you’ve studied, and because Florida accepts it.

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More gold to pick up for y’all in FL studying to inspect.

Good to hear, Raimo.

Great to hear, Nicholas.