Florida Test

I am about to take the proctored test for the State of FLA. Has anyone taken it recently and what are your thoughts? Any input is appreciated

I have seen the Florida InterNACHI one and say just take the test prep from interNACHI Make sure you bone up on the areas you are week in because if you get less than 50% on and one section you fail the whole thing. Good luck, feel free to email me anytime with any questions as I am very familiar with it and am a proctor.

Thank you


Take 120 hour for Florida courses and then take the practice test over and over and over again.

Passed with a 89!! First time! Thank you InterNACHI! The 120 question and the 2,000 question practice really helps!!! Just take it over and over and you will pass!

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Congrats Corey !!

Use the practice exam, it helps you identify weak areas. I took it 6 times before my exam and got my best score on the real exam !

Congrats sir!

For anyone interested in this topic: I took it several months ago. As the other posters have mentioned, study the course material, take the practice exams successfully in all areas and things seem to work out.

If it matters, I also had a good test score

I took it two years ago and while I had taken numerous courses through internachi leading up to finally doing the state exam, I found doing the practice exam over and over again was the best method to prepare for it. I believe I passed with an 84, a little too close for comfort. From what I remember there was still some relatively “non-Florida” related questions that were still part of the exam and those were a pain to remember. If i’m being honest it was a combination of on-field experience through my years as an assistant, learning legit material from the actual courses, and then just plain ole recall of specific questions/answers from the practice exam.