License for Floridas state exam

Done with 120 hr. Florida course. Any recommendations on material to read up on before FL state exam. Thak you

The notes you took during the 120 hr. course!

Review the WDO (wood destroying organisms) course. There were several questions on my exam for this. Take InterNachi’s practice exam and try to answer quickly. If you cannot remember an answer skip that question, you can go back to it before you finish. Try not to second guess your initial response to each question. Best of luck!


Take the state exam as soon as possible, while the 120 hrs is fresh in your mind.

If you did well answering the quizzes and tests, you should score high on the state exam.

I was dissappointed with how easy the state exam was. No kidding - you spend all this time getting ready for it, and then it’s over and done within a few minutes. That being said, I studied for it, and highly recommend going in prepared (study for it).


thank you all for your input

i did the practice final exam Internachi, and did well 90’s

but when I take the 2000 practice exam it seems that the wording is Very much different and they really concentrate on specifics as oppose to general knowledge question
anybody have any suggestions

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do i study 2000 pratice question more or focuse on material from the 120 hr course.The reason I ask is the 2k question says there more like what will be found on the state test so im a little concerned on what i need to spend most time doing.Thanks P.s the wdo course is very long should i skim though and study the basics because i dont feel i have time to study the whole course since test is few days away and i need to study the other material also.Thanks