What about this kitchen sink drain

Any suggestions, comments? Thanks.

I’m sure you noted the same problems or concerns I can see from the photo.
ABS-PVC connections.
Non rigid, ribbed drain lines.
Some type of glue or leakage all over the PVC (?).
The dishwasher drain line does not appear to have a high loop to prevent cross contamination.
Pretty much a non-standard, non-professional installation that will lead to numerous problems.

Thanks Jamie.
Do you have a resource for ABS piping? I caught the other items but am not sure what kind of wording to use for the ABS.

You need special transition cement to combine black ABS and white PVC.

It is usually green.

ABS and PVC require different solvents to “weld” the pipes together.

Since there are multiple issues I’d keep it simple.

Amateurish plumbing installation at kitchen sink drain lines. Recommend qualified plumber repair/replace as needed.

List a few of the defects if you wish.

(insert photo) :mrgreen:

Agreed you could right a story on this one but why!

Should know better than to look at plumbing pictures just before I eat.

How do you inspect the base sink cabinet with this mess? :slight_smile:

You rent a front loader Marcel.

I’d attempt to say it is in the same condition of the plumbing. :mrgreen::wink:

Fortunately this was a maintenance inspection. The family is trying to fix momma’s old house. This was just the “tip” of you know what.