"Abundant cracking and spalling, concrete beams, columns and walls

exposing steel reinforcements,

but you wanna allow water in, interior drainage system morons.


Guessing it went something like this. “All buildings have that, it’s really not that big of deal. I have a handyman that can repair that. The inspector is just saying it to protect himself.”

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The 40 year inspection was released after the building collapsed? I am a bit confused. And, a firm was hired to come up with a cure…years later after an inspection. And, they had yet to complete a plan.

I have a theory. I think someone bumped one of those weak columns with a car.

Think (underground) saltwater intrusion, rusting rebar, and deteriorating underground structural substrate.


I have an aunt who owned a condo on the beach. Saltwater spray slowly corroded all the concrete balconies. Rebar and lintels were exposed. The rusted, corroded rebar expanded and cracked the concrete further. The cycle of deterioration began to accelerate and ultimately they condemned all the balconies until repairs were made. The high cost of the repair required a special assessment against the HOA and ultimately priced her out. She had to sell. I never knew a 40 yr inspection was required in Florida, I am curious if that is what identified the balcony problem initially.

It is one thing for a building owner or HOA to have the information, it is another to do anything about it.


says, 'They were doing a new roof, ongoing, pounding punding pounding… and,

nearby construction might have caused vibrations…

plus all the other existing problems

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scroll down for video of maintenance manager thoughts,
in part he says, ’ a lot of salt water at bottom of foundation, 2 pumps could not keep up, pumps were replaced about every 2 years…’

Engineer previously said, Previous waterproofing attempts failed, previous epoxy injections ineffective…

Ok so here is short video of leaky basement, am IN basement UNDER leaky front porch.
See the water coming in?
See the rusted rebar?
Near end of video, see the deteriorated concrete all over basement floor?

So if one were to do epoxy injections from inside (like many INT system co’s do) or patch inside under P cap, doing that would NOT stop further water from entering

The water is getting in from, lol, the OTHER side, the OUTSIDE … so the proper repairs need to be made on the exterior, not interior like INT systems morons tell people, gotta go outside to stop further water penetration which is what caused the rusted rebar and concrete deterioration

we understand the condo situation is different from this leaky porch, but do ya get the point? Some prolly not, same old.


some will cry about orange eyebrows and some cry about orange mushroom Prezzzident

2:30 right? right!