AC check list

Looking for an AC checklist to reference to buyer so when they have tech go out they at least do something/ Example

Check compressor amps
Check capacitor volts
Check blower fan speed
Check blower fan volts and vibration
Check freon
If freon added check for freon leak
Check condenser coils
Check breaker rating to condenser maximum
Check evaporator coils
Check primary drain, auxiliary drain and float switch if present
Check condensate line including freon and presence of trap
blah blah

I know we do some of that but just looking for a list to reference. So many times when I refer a HVAC tech they pump it up and leave.

John…you need to ask Phil Stojanik to put something together for you (us). He did a pretty good paper on HI inspection of A/C’s last year but it didn’t go into that level of tech detail. He could though don’t you think?

Yes he would be good. Is his paper still available?

This is an old version from Phil I haven’t seen the one Mike is referring to.

These are more than what I think your after but could easily be modifed for your need

[PDF] HVAC Checklist - Short Form [linkscanner://safe.gif/](javascript:void(0))

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HVAC Checklist - Short Form. 191 Indoor Air Quality Forms. Sections 2, 4 and 6 and Appendix B discuss the relationships between the HVAC system and indoor - Similar pages - Note this

[PDF] HVAC Checklist - Long Form [linkscanner://safe.gif/](javascript:void(0))

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HVAC Checklist - Long Form. Appendix B discusses HVAC system components in relation to indoor HVAC Checklist - Long Form. Page 2 of 14. Needs. Attention - Similar pages - Note this

My advice is to refrain from providing any guidance to subject matter experts. By doing so, it could come back to haunt you, if you were deemed to also be an expert by your instructions to the licensed HVAC professional.

The purpose of referring to a pro for further evaluation is primarily to help TRANSFER LIABILITY. The secondary reason is to help the client get someone to perform an more in-depth evaluation.

If we’ve learned ANYTHING these past few weeks is that ANYONE can get sued for ANYTHING, and there is always the chance that the lawsuit will be settled or the inspector gets bamboozled. One such case involved an experienced inspector, and an HVACV system.

How ironic is that?

My first priority is to advise the client to get a more in depth evaluation if I believe it is needed. The result is a transfer of liability. I get your point however.

We have all seen the seller or agent call out “their” guy and we know he is often going to do the minimum. Now if I really want to protect my client and disregard future Realtor referrals I would refer to a service procedure written by a HVAC expert. It would be a passive referral. “Have the HVAC system serviced. Consider asking the HVAC specialist to review these suggested starting points and add any that are deemed needed. Many of the items on the list are beyond the Scope of inspection” yadda yadda subject to rewrite.

So we can hand it off with a simple wording knowing some seller / agent contractors are going to do a lousy job or we can provide reasonable opinions and guidelines.

You can get sued on either method. I believe my client is better protected with a reference guideline. The service person can trash it if they desire. I am sure however it would not be good agent marketing in the majority of cases.

I generally agree with your post and advice John. I just dont want us to SPECIFY what shall or shall not be evaluated by the expert.

I’m out of town right now and don’t have access to my office computer but I’m sure the ‘commentary’ Barry posted at the bottom of post#4 is the same one I was referrring to. Again, it’s not what you are asking for but shows Phil could probably put something together.

I agree with you 100%. Specifying repair is suicide. Allowing a dumb buyer to fall prey to sleazy agent is suicide. Providing a guideline is marketing suicide. Oh my gosh . . . . .I feel like I am back on the TREC inspector committee . . . . a dead man walking. :slight_smile:

John, you need to change Freon to Refrigerant, Freon is the name of the refrigerant manufactured and sold by Dupont.

10/4 I’ll Zerox that for my files. :smiley: