Electricians Check List

In case anyone wanted an updated electricians check list to help explain some of the latest issues you may run into.

It is kinda a General Wiring Sheet, I also give this to all my new crews.

Excellent - Thanks Paul.

Paul, thats nice. Thank You!

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Nice reference tool.


Thanks for the nicely organized info.

This is an outstanding list! Very concise and handy enough for quick referencing… Thanks

Paul, This is great, Now all we need is the same thing for plumbing, etc.
This makes for a great check list for “Did I Forget Something?”

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GFCI area needs Basement added:)

Great resource, Paul, Thanks! :smiley:

Always wondered, and now seems a good time to ask: are GFCI’s required in a *finished *basement? One with carpet or other floor coverings, paneled walls, etc. Essentially a living space?

No Joe, they are not. Just so happens that in many cases the location was unfinished before it became finished and thus has GFCI already in place.

Thanks Paul ! nice list! :smiley:

Thanks Bruce…wish I could say it was mine…I only updated it but did not create the original one. I forget who did from somewhere in the industry.

City Code Inspectors require them in my area.


They MIGHT but not required per NEC if the rooms are finished. May be something the local AHJ rules on BUT for example if it was a issue to me…I FIGHT it and go over the head of the local AHJ…but again I do that alot.

P.S. I wanted to add the NEC Article for this - Section 210.8(A)(5) 2002 NEC ( sorry we are still in the 2002 in VA )

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some statements can mislead a new HI not understanding that HI are not NEC inspections…local code overrides all.