Whats going on here

Whats going on here this board is dead Lets stir it up a bit.
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Lets get some action going here does everyone know everything there is to know about HVAC if not turn up the volume. I know from watching this board that there are numerous Guys with HAVC backgrounds out there. J. Williams, Greg Veal, David Anderson and also a whole bunch of folks that know absolutely nothing or just enough to get them selves in trouble.

Lets get some school housing going here and I invite you other HVAC guys to jump in here with some of your own thoughts and no I am not trying to earn my master certification in home inspections I already earned that degree once in my life and that is enough for me

I will start this off with a very basic question and don’t you other HVAC’s answer it let the none believers come up with the answer if they have to look it up in a book they won’t forget it so easy.

Question: What four items must be present in every refrigeration system no matter what size or shape ???

Electricity Freon compressure and indoor coil.
Roy Cooke

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Roy I will take freon out of the equation I am looking for four mechanical items

Freon is a registered trade name–and a highly caustic chemical. It lately has been replaced with less harmful gases, such as Puron. The system could also have a gas-fire amonia refrigerant.

How about an air movement/distribution system?

(Tha’s a blower, doncha know)

Keep it basic…he said “refrigeration” unit.

Compressor, condenser, Evaporator, Blower

Hey I am an Electrictian Notice what I put down first
I do not know if they still make them but there was a refigerator called **Servel **
that had no compressor and it was gas or coal oil fired .
No moving parts.

Getting closer but not there yet

Servel did make a refig that operated on gas just like the present day RV camper Refrig.

I can think of a whole lot more than just four that would be in every refrigration system, but some of them could be grouped together as one unit.

Condensing unit (houses condensing coil and compressor).

Air handler (houses the blower and the evaporative coil)

Operational control (thermostat and various other controls)

Air distribution system if you’re talking about an air conditioning system (duct-work). Of course, this dismisses a self-contained unit, such as a window unit.
…(and since we’re home inspectors, I don’t think you would be referring to a walk-in freezer).

I am talking basic refrigeration yes you can and there are many more mechanical items on present day systems but the four items I am looking for MUST be present and are on every A/C unit, refrigerator, 1200 ton centrifugal Chiller, Window units, Package units so on and so forth.

I will throw out the blower motor and the thermostat control as you do not have to have either one of these items to have a basic refrigeration system.

Add expansion valve

Yea Michael Jack pot

You must have a compressor to pump from the low side to the high side. Could be a bicycle pump if it would hold the freon and you wanted to set there and pump it.

Must have a condenser to hold the liquid freon.

Must have a metering device between the low and the high side. Could be a hand valve it you wanted to set by the valve and open and close it as needed but much prefer a TXV, AXV or a set of cap tubes or a actuator piston.

Must also have an evaporator or coil for expansion of the freon from a high pressure liquid to a low presssure vapor.

Then we start adding all of the different components to make the different types of system we use. But the basic system must have those four items.

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