AC condenser under deck clearance

Today’s inspection in Union Beach the condensers have less than two foot clearance to the underside of the deck. I know that more clearance is required but I am not able to find specs from Goodman. I am finding vertical clearances requirements from three feet to six feet. What do you think?

Well, they don’t meet either of those clearances. But, they probably won’t be moved.
So, narrate that the life span of the units will be reduced without proper airflow around them, or some such, Kurt.


Thanks Larry. That is a good way to put it.

Repair: The outdoor A/C unit is located under a deck. This can restrict airflow across the condenser coil, resulting in excessive heat build-up, reduced efficiency, and increased energy costs. In cases where airflow is severely restricted, the life expectancy of the A/C unit may be shortened. Most manufacturers require four to six feet of vertical clearance above the condenser unit. You should maintain adequate clearance around the A/C unit as per the manufacturer’s instructions. It usually makes more sense to relocate the outdoor A/C unit than to modify the deck.


Thanks Marcel. That is actually the same one that I chose to include in my report.

Kurt, did you happen to check the bolt pattern on that ledger board? It is kind of hard to see from MI. LOL

I did. The pattern is good but they appear to be undersized. I called it out for further evaluation. There were several issues with the deck. Poorly secured stair rails and the box joist at the top of the stairs was not secured with a joist hanger.

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Probably be fine there. If its a southern exposure intake air will be slightly cooler and its semi protected form the elements. It will sure surprise whoever is standing above when they come on!

Especially if she is wearing a dress :smiley:

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As a past factory rep for a HVAC manufacturer, I’ve got a simple short statement I’ve used for over 15 years. AND today I also use the C&D drawing Marcel put in. … I’ve never got any whiny pushback on the comment cause its doubtful anyone will ever do anything with it anyway.

“The AC unit(s) are mounted under the deck. Most manufacturers consider this too close the the structure for good air flow and it will make servicing difficult. Poor air flow can shorten the life of the unit(s). We recommend moving the outside air conditioning unit(s) to facilitate servicing and/or provide a better air flow to the coils”.