Hello everyone, this HVAC unit is about two feet away from the home, it does not have any damaged fins and there is no rust on the inside of unit. The unit is about 9 years old and looks to have been well maintained.

Outside of maybe having that pvc condensate drain further away from the foundation , what is your question to the forum?

Please explain your question clearly.

I can’t understand your question.

I am not sure if Bruce had a question. I know that a new requirement for course credits has been to post a picture and write a brief description about it. Perhaps he has just put this information into the wrong forum. Bruce, correct me if I have misspoken and we would be happy to comment on the HVAC system if you have a question.

He’s taking NACHI classes. It s a requirement to post on the forum.

You should try some.

Question by Bruce is not clear. He is mentioning the condition of HVAC from which it seems that he is giving ad for its sale. Be clear in your question.

Although interpretations of the NEC 110.26 and article 440 vary slightly in regard to condensing unit disconnect switches. It is always best to maintain the working space clearance requirements which call for 3 feet in front of the disconnect switch. The disconnect switch should be offset from the condensing unit.

I do believe three feet of clearance between the condensing unit and the building is required because in order to service the unit safely there has to be space for the technician to kneel between the building and the unit.