Condenser placement

What do you folks think of the placement of the condensers on this 600k new home? The buyer called the builder after receiving my report and the builder assured them it would be o.k. One of the reasons the buyer purchased a new home was that they couldn’t keep their old home at 80 degrees when it was 110 outside.


These guidelines say their unit only needs 10" of clearance Gary, as I believe the send the hot air up and away.

Those units will run like any other setting where they are but you will be decreasing the life expectancy considerable as there are no prevailing winds to carry the heat away operating those unit in that box is not the smartest thing to do. Heat is what kills the largest % of A/C units and those two unit will be operating at a higher head pressure when it really gets hot. Just the reflection of the sun off of the two structures will be tremendous. I see folks build fences, plant all kinds of crazy bushes around the units because they think they are not pretty. They are just shooting themselves in the foot. My personal opinion about the location bad choice.

Charley, I agree BUT many manufacturers only recommend 12" clearance or less. So at that point it is just our opinion.

And what do you offer if NOT your Opinion?

Dan; There is just not much thought put into what some folks do when installing equipment yes there is not anything that can generally be done about things such as this one. I would of just made a comment on it and moved on.

I have a infamous saying about proper cooling of these units. I look the owner in the eye and ask. If you owned a new Caddy would you place a piece of cardboard in front of the radiator in July and make a long drive. I just get this glazed over look and usually no comment.

I said it once I will say it again, “You can get anyone to do your air conditioning/heating/gas work that doesn’t mean it will be done correctly and in accordance to code.”

Their should be enough space for the serviceman/woman to be able to work on the unit. This is why I would have failed it. Honestly how many small service techs have you seen. Seriously split system condensers are designed to take in outside air and also be cooled by that same outside air. In this particular set-up neither of which is at its optimum effeciency.

Bruce how could you fail it. I operate on the theory does the unit perform its intended function at the time of inspection.

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Can not resist commenting that you guys are disagreeing as you agree at the same time.
If you want to get sued or bad rapped go ahead and fail the thing ,but the obvious answer would come in the way of FACT<OPINION >GUIDANCE.
Fact:The unit meets manufacturers specs
Opinion:I feel that there is a chance the unit may not run up to specs due to the fact that even though the manufacture has determined 10"to be enough clearance they may be refering only to a minimum standard reguarding one side and not two so I recommend you have a qualified mechanical contractor certifiy it"s placement.You said your piece and covered your ***.Said and done.

Regarding the above message I am a member so do not believe everything the software tells you.

From what I can see looking at that picture, it looks like it meets the manufacturer installation recommdations. Do you have the measurments on both sides of the units.

“One of the reasons the buyer purchased a new home was that they couldn’t keep their old home at 80 degrees when it was 110 outside.” Must have been an awful strange home or a bad AC. It think there were other reasons they were moving.