AC Unit Sizing/replacement

Hello all,

I am heading out to do an inspection on a remodel/flip tomorrow. (There seems to be some mistrust between the contractor and owner on multiple items which is part of the reason why I am being called to perform a “pre-listing” inspection.) One of the concerns is the fairly new (2012) “outside AC unit” is a 4 ton unit on a 1300 sqft house. (Way over sized). The owner has already said they don’t want to replace the outside unit but have been told by their contractor that they can’t replace the furnace, ducting, etc (all very old) in the attic without replacing the outside unit. Is it a code problem or is it just that the two have to match and since the outside unit is over sized they would have to “over size” the inside unit? (I know, this is beyond my scope and I will just need to report what I find and likely recommend it be evaluated by an HVAC technician. I’m just curious.)

Conduct a load analysis on the house and you will know.

I had a replaced Rheem 2014 condenser unit but the air handler was original Heil from 1994.
So there’s the question what is the refrigerant, do they match & the manufacturers warranty is probably voided.
Someone mentioned the newer condenser unit could have been shipped “dry” to get around new requirements.
ps>> no replacement permit found.
What say you David.

It has to do with the energy code of 2010, which was updated in 2015. The minimum SEER rating must be met.

In Mirimar, Fl, when the home is listed for sale, a lien search is done. Somehow, this triggers something in the system they use at the city level, and the city sends out an inspector to look for this very item, as well as other “visible non-permitted work”.

I did an inspection on a home recently, that I had inspected in 2013, and on the report, I noted that the a/c systems had been changed, but no permits were present. Five days after I did the inspection in 2013, a city inspector went out and cited the homeowner for having two systems without a permit.

When I inspected the home recently, when I did the permit search, I found the open permit for the a/c issue.

Someone is going to have to pony up for 10 tons of air conditioner replacement! The current owner of the home was given money to correct the issue…but…surprise, surprise, never did!