Accept credit card payments on your website or thru a touch tone phone.

Below is a comparison someone from the company ran for me
between Paypal vs Proconcepts-Propay for NACHI members.
(when you compare apples with apples)… remember, this is not
intended as slam against Paypal, just passing on the info to
you guys.

This assumes the following “features” are purchased:

  • Telephone processing (charging a card by putting credit
    card #'s in via a touchtone phone)
  • Online Processing (an automated form - this is what is)
  • “Virtual” terminal processing (an online form you use to
    process the card manually)

Per-Transaction Fees:

ProPay Premium: 3.25% + $0.35
PayPal: 2.9% + $0.30

** PayPal offers lower rates than that - 2.5% - 2.2%,
but according to their website - “Eligibility for
Merchant Rates is determined based on sales volume
from the previous calendar month”

Per-Month Fee:

ProPay + $3.32/mo (you pay yearly)
PayPal: $20/mo

Misc. Features:

  • With us, your name appears on the credit card statement.
  • With us, we don’t bombard your customers with PayPal
    ads - your customers feel more secure and not obligated
    to sign up with anything.

So, a typical scenario:

An inspector processing $36,000 in credit cards for
72 $500 transactions will receive these fees over the
course of one year.


$240 in monthly membership fee
$21.60 in $0.30 per-tran fee
$1,044 in 2.9% transaction fee
TOTAL: $1,305.60

ProPay + PayConcepts w/ Premium:

$39.90 in monthly membership fee
$25.20 in $0.35 per-tran fee
$1,260 in 3.25% transaction fee
TOTAL: $1,325.10

ProPay + PayConcepts w/ Premium Plus:

$69.90 in monthly membership fee
$21.60 in $0.30 per-tran fee
$1076.40 in 2.99% transaction fee
TOTAL: $1,167.90

ProPay + PayConcepts w/ Platinum:

$129.90 in monthly membership fee
$18 in $0.25 per-tran fee
$968.40 in 2.69% transaction fee
TOTAL: $1,116.30


  • Less chargebacks (or threat thereof) since your name
    appears on credit card charge.

  • Set yearly charge - no surprises

  • You get a Mastercard attached, which acts like a
    prepaid Mastercard – which means faster access to funds.
    It’s very convienent! (I use it constantly)

  • do the “real” math - we’re very likely cheaper for
    your scenario as a small business.

My Response:

I did the numbers for a person only doing 4 charges
at $500 per month = $2000 p/mth or $24000 p/year of
total credit card charges. (someone who gets paid with
check, cash and sometimes credit cards for a modest
number of inspections might fit this example).

Paypal … = $950.40 p/year
Proconcept (NACHI deal)… = $836.70 p/year

This allows the process of the Clients credit card via:

Telephone (You take the card in the field)
Web Form (Client pays from your web page)
Manual Form (You enter it on the internet)

I hope this helps.