Poll for Best Defect Picture for July

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I felt this box was a little too full of connections… hmmm.

I recommended to budget to rebuild the deck amongst others…


Just don’t touch the 2x4 and everything will be fine.


Roof drain/vent stack combo

Flat roof house, no plumbing vent on the roof, drain only.
The upper part is the roof drain coming down and out the side of the house, 4-5 feet high.
The lower part is the vent connecting the soil stack to the roof drain.


My first time submitting, nice little water heater attachment here


This home was bank owned, I was hired to inspect it for a buyer, it had a mold problem that a remediation company cleaned; sheet rock and flooring was removed in many areas. I found the water leak source…

FYI, water was shut off, no meter in the house, my buyer walked away too much work. I hope the next guy doesn’t just put up a ceiling and turn on the water…


No need for an SE these will hold!!!


A new kind of trap. Introducing the “O” trap. Attached Thumbnails


Only 2 leaks, but really how many hose bibs do really need? :shock:

seriously? BUMP the thread,i guess 2 votes? We should at least have the number of vote equal to the submissions, right?

Today 79 views and 2 votes, how long does it take to click on one?

Sad indeed Mike. I guess all are to busy to come to this message board. :slight_smile:

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some great pictures this month

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Congratulations to Marcel Gratton for winning the Best Defect Picture for July.

It is unfortunate that only 15 voters participated.

Good for you Marcel ,

Robert, this thread got 229 views…that’s plenty of exposure just no votes.

Good Morning Mike, hope all is well.

Yes it is sad indeed. But I do not know what needs to be done to spark an interest other than start a warranty or recall debate. :wink:

I will end this program in December.

I can’t even believe you used the “R” word or the “w” word, LOL.

Yeah the whole MB is in a funky state I must agree it a bit stale and so many rehashed threads now.