Best Defect Picture Poll #2 for May

Here is our second poll for this month, the last poll will choose a winner for the month.

These are just excellent Defect Pictures. Vote as soon as you can.
This Poll will only last a few days.

Here are the Nominations.

Why would yu want to park in there anyways?
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The walkout basement door does not close. The wall is built in the way of the door jamb.
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It is a copper water line used as a drain line for the dishwasher. Attached Thumbnails

The darn trusses didn’t leave any room for storage in the attic. The owner wasn’t an engineer, but he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express once, so he made room.
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I came across this beautiful exterior fixture yesterday during my inspection and I just had to get a picture.

Spray foam between door and door jamb was used to either keep the kids from sneaking out at night or used as weather/bug stripping or who knows?



A few days ago I was standing under this fan. The wobble was crazy The sad part is that the tennant actually uses this fan.

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The metal post was keeping the toilet above from falling thru
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The guy was really proud of the wiring he did. The lights were flickering for some reason.:shock::shock:
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You have to lift things up sometimes.Attached Thumbnails

This guy had the same teacher, advanced course.Attached Thumbnails

Just drive around it.
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Main Panel in cottage I inspected this week, Nuf said.
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Here is one from today’s inspection… Attached Thumbnails

I smell crap.
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Nothing wrong with #1 if you drive a motorcycle.
Nice work Marcel.
I like them all. Well except for #1.:wink:

What am I missing in #3 other than no high loop?

Probably over for month…

but for fun anyway…

I was at a house yesterday, never seen a bottle/retrofit for a shower head.

That’s funny. Tim you should resubmit that one for the next June Nominations. :slight_smile:

a lot of good pictures in this batch…

That there is Jim, hope more cast their vote. :slight_smile:

I see a plastic 90% elbow and plastic flexible line much like a dishwasher exit being used in a photo on the net.
I did my first grinder today.
I was coming back to look at the thread.

We have a tie, let us break it by voting. :slight_smile:

I still see nothing wrong with 13 but 3 just the same. They have to be motor cycle owners;-)
Nothing wrong with 2 winners is there?:cool:

Anymore interested in voting for the best picture.:slight_smile:

Next week we will choose a winner from the two Polls, so put in your vote for this one. :slight_smile:

A suggestion Marcel.
Maybe not as many fine examples of defects next time.
Its hard to choose when several are so closely mirrored to one another.
Say a poll on electrical. Everyone send in their defects on panels, breakers, wiring, etc and the poll beings.
Just an idea.
Thanks Marcel that was loads of education for all INACHI members.
You are always a winner at INACHI Marcel.:slight_smile:

Members are always free to post the defects they want.
A variety is always good. :slight_smile:

Congratulations to Keith Runquist for his win on this 2nd poll for best picture for May.

He will now compete with the #1 poll winner Peter Russel for May,

for the winner of the month.

Check in over here

and vote for the best picture.

Thank you all for participating. :):smiley: