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What happens when stupid people sweat pipes…


I can do the flashing!
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Old telephone poles for beams. A little dry rot to boot
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Floor joists and floor boards were all covered with creosote, what a smell!
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Real Estate agent thought it could be tuck pointed and it would be fine.
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Blame the power company for this one. This was a flip & power was on to the home. I called the power company & they arrived 20 minutes later to take care of it.
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One shows several rotted floor joists dripping wet in a crawlspace. The other is a sump pump / milk crate pit. I’ve seen milk crates used for many things but a sump pit? Attached Thumbnails

Furnace flue was disconnected in the attic. The roof was replaced sometime during the past year. Estate sale???

It didnt start raining until half way thru. The walls were actually dry but they never installed or sealed the windows properly. Once it started raining the water came pouring in. :grin: Attached Thumbnails

A new deck was built, and I only have 1 question. What do they expect the power co or Electrician to do when they need to get into the meter…:shock:


Real Estate listing said attic had new insulation in 2010.
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First time I have ever seen a dual mount disposal.
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This was today…deck off the master bedroom. Not enough room for posts…so just set the edge on the garage roof…

I could have gotten really hurt, writing up the defects that is, bad hand cramp…:ack:

foundation, structue, missing stairs is the least of the worries at this point…
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Happy Father’s Day

Vote when you get a chance. I know, #13 is a good one. :wink:

And the Winner of the June Poll for Best Picture of the Month is

Jim Hanson with these Pics.

This was today…deck off the master bedroom. Not enough room for posts…so just set the edge on the garage roof…
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Congrats. :slight_smile:

Awesome! What do I win? LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

You win a chance to compete with the 11 other winners at the end of the Year. :mrgreen::wink:

I thought this was stupid!!

Be careful when moving the refrigerator or opening the window(s).

Stupid is a stupid does, “run Forest run”

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Dave, new pictures for July are here;

A day late an a dollar short I think they say, Oh well I will post in July for August.

I could give a rats *** on wining, just thought I would share, not much time to visit the boards these days.

No problem David. :slight_smile:

OK…sounds good…thanks Marcel!