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Need some help. I am going to set up my first radon test tomorrow. Yep, on Christmas day. But the home is empty and the timing works to pick up the monitor this weekend when I do the inspection. How do I access a sentrilock? I am scouring the internet and am not finding clear instructions. Please help. Thanks.

Merry Christmas!

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You need to apply with your local realtor association that you’re an affiliate of for access. You fill an application out, couple days later you pay a fee, get a card and can download the app. In your situation, probably the best move would be to contact the selling agent and let them know you need to come by and access the property and coordinate with them when you would be able to.

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In my area I was able to gain access to the Sentry lock the first day I applied. But correct, you must go through your local Realtors Association. Recommend calling around as not all associations charge the same monthly / yearly rate


The Realtor or agent can provide a onetime access code that will open the sentri-lock. They look up the code by the serial number of the lock. On multiple occasions I have texted them the serial number and they text me back the code just to pick up the Radon. saves them the trip.

Hey Robert just a heads up, that’s technically against the terms of service of sentrilock. I have done the same thing multiple times, but once had a realtor upset that the agent that sent the code wasn’t present. That’s why I went ahead and just got my own card.

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Thanks Robert! That is how it worked out. I received a text with the one day code and was able to drop off the radon monitor. I am new enough where am still figuring out some of the processes. I really appreciate everyone’s help.

I am in Michigan and in my area it seems somewhat standard to be given access codes to gain access to the property whether agents or clients are there or not.

Glad to help Jesse! Merry Christmas!

Bob Kenney
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