Accessible Wiring

I need a few opinions on this. I always write up electrical wiring in livable spaces if it isn’t in conduit or behind wall coverings. What is the rule of thumb for accessible wiring in non-livable spaces such as garages. Picture attached.


Just because you can see the Romex doesn’t automatically mean that it’s subject to physical damage. The NEC only requires protection for exposed NM cable for 6" if it comes out of a floor, unless it’s in a location that is subject to physical damage. The local jurisdictions have rules of thumb on this… some 4’ AFF, some 6’ AFF, and some require physical protection for any and all exposed NM cable. Just use your noodle…

I consider all low, unprotected, wiring in a garage to be subject to damage, as this is where a lot of stuff gets thrown against walls.