Romex in the garage...need advice

Does romex always have to be enclosed in conduit or behind
the wall below 7ft. in a residential garage?

This romex starts about 3ft. high.

There is no minimum height mentioned in the NEC. However, there is a prohibition against using NM where subject to physical damage. Physical damage is not defined in the NEC and is subject to individual definition. Acceptable methods of protection are listed in Article 334.

Side note, raceways are prohibited from providing support like is shown with the NM ty-rapped to the conduit.

Anytime I see exposed romex wiring in a garage that is lower than 7’ I call it out, even though when structure was constructed it may have passed inspection.
“There is exposed romex wiring inside garage that is low enough to be subject to physical damage and could cause a danger, this is a safety concern. Recommend further review and corrections from a qualified electrician contractor.”

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David - Use your head / FORGET when it was built or NOT built.

PART was in conduit / part was outside conduit in same location … This is NOT rocket science. Its handyman crap. Write it needs repair…Period.

Lets not forget the black taped extension cord from the outlet!!

always in the wall or in conduit under 7’ A.F.F.

Must be protected. for those of you afraid of the code, it is a safety issue.
Guy finishes trimming his trees with one of those pole saws and lays it down on the Romex…
Ask me how I know! :slight_smile:

Where does the 7’ come from?

Not according to the NEC.

There is a possibility that the conduit was not needed in the first place. While it should not have been secured to the conduit, NM can be run on the surface. Again the subject to damage is subjective.

Does everyone get on their knees and look under garage steps?
I found some wiring completely eaten through under a one foot tall landing with bare copper up against the wood. This was the only romex visible in the entire garage.