account suspended?

Has anyone else had their hosted website suspended or is this an isolated incident? I realize it’s the 4th and all but it’s frustrating when you’re unable to reach your webpage…



That’s pretty HARSH to be showing to the public looking for your website! That statement nows** INFERS** that there was something unethical or illegal going on with the site, and was TAKEN DOWN!
IMO, that statement does** irreputable harm** to your site and Company, and sets it up for a significant financial loss!
Assuming you have already contacted** HOMEGAUGE** and did not get an immediate response as the statement indicates, I would contact my Attorney and begin legal proceedings.

Home Inspector Pro just release their newest version, 5.0 and they are having a big sale. They also have just transitioned to new servers and they are screaming along. :mrgreen:

Dang, this is messed up. Hope that it was a mistake.

There were a ton of HG guys converting to HIP at the FABI conference.

Thanks. I’m not sure what is going on. I sent HG an email but being the forth I guess they haven’t responded yet so I decided to simply ask here. I’ll call them tomorrow. Not sure what could have happened. It’s definitely a bummer and I shudder at how many people may have already seen it. Will keep you all posted I guess. Was looking at the HIP 5.0 earlier as well. Have been with HG for a good many years now and really been happy but who knows. Maybe a change wouldn’t be a bad idea. We’ll see what happens.

Thanks again!

Good luck! You won’t get any better support, I spent several minutes with Dom from HIP yesterday ironing out some things I didn’t know about HIP 5.

Hello Humberto,
We turned off about 40 websites that has not paid or responded for more than a year. Your site was recently turned off for non payment since June 2016. We did email you and call you back when it went delinquent. We had it running for your for free for the last year up until a week or so ago.

Please call in and discuss the details. otherwise the trolls from hip and spectacular just want to create negative trash.

hey Trolls, HomeGauge is winning.


Hmmm, no payments or response for a year…! Guess that might be the reason.
Sounds like that could be easy to take care of.

Non payment for a year??? You can’t be serious right? You guys pull directly from my bank monthly. I see it go by. I’m not concerned with the trolls. My concern is what you’ve just stated? How is anyone going to be one year without paying for a website? Really? Sorry that doesn’t make any sense to me. Especially seeing every month your invoice posting.

You pay $30 a month for HG Services and you are active. The $25 a month for web site DIY hosting has not seen a payment since June of 2016. If we are in error please let us know.

828-254-2030 ask for the web department.

I see what you’re saying. Let me ask you this Russell. How do you typically invoice me for the services? Monthly correct? Did you ever see a payment for the website hosting? Would you have normally invoiced me for that? Did you invoice me? Did you at any time email me regarding a non payment for hosting? I don’t see it. Do you think maybe this was an oversight by your accounting department where they never properly set this up dating back to January 2015? That’s when I began having the site hosted. You know what upsets me isn’t the fact you shut the site down as much as the fact your reason for doing so almost implies I was doing something purposely to get away without paying for a service. I honestly never even caught on to this. That’s what’s most appalling to me, the fact your accounting department obviously failed to invoice me for this for over 2 years. I don’t write and send in a check monthly Russell. You guys automatically debit my account no?

It would be better if you take this of the board and call him on the phone.

I did Roy. Thanks

I certainly was not trying to imply anything. You posted on a message board. Trolls came and suggested lawsuits and implying that we snubbed you somehow. I was limited I felt to talk about private details of someone’s account on a public message board. I asked the web department and they gave me the details. I think you maybe had a credit card change or something that stopped the accounts at one time and then started them back up except this account. I am not sure the exact circumstance. I am also sure our accounting can become better too.

I see that you just paid up in full. I apologize for our shortcomings on our end and we do appreciate your business and referrals.

Geez, winning and all aside, this is a public area of the forum.

Maybe this thread should be reported/moved.

It was foolish to place this in the forum at all, regardless of whether it was in the public or private section.

Humberto put it there, but maybe didn’t think someone from HG would respong on here.

Then we have the idjut trolls trying to sell HIP.

I see that a lot on this site. Surprised RB and crowd is as polite as they are.