Home Gauge 5 Picture Review

Cool new feature on Home Gauge. Review your pictures with your client at the inspection upon the completion of your inspection.

Cool. I’ve done that occasionally but using the camera.


I do that right from my computer! As they have to be loaded on it anyways. I also can just hit print and generate the report so they now how it will look.
Home Gauge is so easy to use and well worth the money after the new features.

Nice. :wink:

I used it today, and love it.

HomeGauge shut down my site twice!! I had paid the owner of the company for a full year and he forgot to register the payment. The company then shut down my account, killing my business, two years of advertising and sales down the drain. The site was down for 6-8 weeks the first time. I since then had found a new servicing company to handle the website and found my site hijacked again today by HomeGauge. The program is fair, but the organization will kill all your advertising and services. Avoid at all Cost.

As we tried to explain to you over the phone earlier today (but you wouldnt listen) is that you or anyone has not logged in to your godaddy site since feb 13 2011…OK? That means whenever you canceled your website with us and went somewhere else, your hosting service either did not advise you to switch the domain name to them (thru godaddy) or you forgot? But, we dont have your password and we do not have any control over your domain name…Evidently you just checked on it or something and saw us as the last host.

I would suggest you sign into godaddy and change your domain name hosting.

Any further dialog, can be over the phone as you have our number.

Jay joins NACHI today and makes his first post, and a doozie it is. Hope you didn’t pay that much just to vent :stuck_out_tongue: :roll:.

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I’m with you on that! :wink: