inspectorsites - web sites for home inspectors

Just thought I would update my offerings to all the InterNACHI members.

YES I am still here, 5 years strong - doing websites ONLY for home inspectors!

My offerings:
Websites $24.95/mo paid monthly or $19.95/mo paid annually. Setup is a flat $199. All communication is via support tickets or email. I respond to all emails within 4 hours, most within 30 minutes. I am planning on having a bunch of new templates out by the fall, so if your just starting to look for a site, check out the competition and then come back soon to see my new templates.

Also look for my new 1 page starter sites that will come out this fall. Its a 1 page website for $9.95 per month that will get you started for low $$

Just an fyi, if you see any tx numbers in other posts they are not good, I may bring back my 800 service, but to do so I would need to raise the prices so I am sticking with the support ticket method which seems to be working well. Unless you really miss my voice :slight_smile:

If anyone has any questions, please open a support ticket or email me at


Thought NACHI members might like to know about another website service strictly for inspectors

**$149 / Year **
[size=1](or $19.95 / month paid monthly)[/size]

  • Complete Website
  • Report Hosting
  • Credit Card Processing (optional)
  • Inspection Scheduling
  • Credentials Listings
  • Services Listings
    Website support is offered via email and toll-free telephone support.
    (866) 376 7007 | |

Free trials are also available. Test drive the website service for a month FREE.

Greg at InspectorSites, like Dominic, is a fine person who has excellent products and service.

INSPECTORSITES was sold the end of November of this year. Just some information in case no one else had heard.

Other than that no changes, except they claim to add new and improved services.

And no price increases are *anticipated *at this time. Greg was great… can’t help but wonder what the future holds…

This could be my motivation to get my butt in gear, and complete my site with HIP… couldn’t hurt… just need to find the time.

Ditto :slight_smile:

I switched once the announcement was emailed to us back on the 27th of last month. Immediately I seized the opportunity and switched hosts. I had contemplated it for some time. The moment seemed right.

What happened next is what really made my Latin blood boil. I saw a charge go through my bank statement for inspectorsites. I emailed the new person in charge from the Bellman Group and basically his reply was, (paraphrasing here) since I hadn’t followed proper procedure in canceling I was billed and would continue to be. He admits to have received a couple of my emails (you would think a proper gesture would have been to advise me I didn’t follow procedures?). I again kindly asked him to remove me from his services and this time I did exactly as he requested. I haven’t heard from him yet. I also advised him I was contacting my bank and alerting them to all this. Not sure what’ll happen next. Funny thing is I was restricted from using any of the services associated with my subscription yet, I was not canceled for billing purposes…go figure. I did let him know in my email I was not happy with the way he handled this simple request to cancel.


It’s sitting there calling your name. Linas set up 5 with us this week :mrgreen:

try out doms listing did good for my site another first page gooole listing

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What procedures did you have to follow Humberto? I just submitted a ticket to billing requesting cancellation. What procedures am I supposed to follow?

Great… just what I need… a guilt trip !!! :p;):smiley:

Linus, basically what you just did. Originally what I did was simply reply to his original email notifying us that Greg was no longer the owner. I didn’t think or realize at the time I needed to follow a certain procedure. Just simply stated in my email to please discontinue my service.
Well, he read the email and the following two and never even responded with correct cancellation instructions. Really bothered me the way it was said not necessarily what was said. Basically I told him he very cleverly squeezed another 25 bucks from me and I wasn’t thrilled. I requested it back and rather than at that point, explaining the “procedure” to me, he said and this is a quote “billing will continue until you follow proper procedures in your users agreement”. I asked him for a copy of the agreement and he never responded so I looked on the website and did the very same thing you just did. Live and learn.

I just spoke to Chuck and I think my transition will go through just fine. Hey Erol, Who is hosting your new site??:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen: Check out my last 2 additions to my list of projects:
I think it’s that ASHI logo that looks out of place on your site.:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Very nice, Linus. I’m creating a new site using Front Page 2000. I already have a host for another business site so I only pay an extra $1 per month. Plagued with shoulder injury that is getting worse with time, I have plenty of time to screw around :twisted:.

Getting worse huh Erol…sorry to hear that buddy…

With aplogies to Nike…