Accounting Software used?

(Adolfo Garcia, PHD, CPI, NYS License #16000093605) #1

Hi Everyone - what software do you use to manage your business accounting? Two that i have started to look at are: Wave and QuickBooks. Any others i should investigate?? Thanks!

(Roy Lewis, CMI - North Florida Inspector) #2

I hate screwing with bookkeeping.
I have an accountant/bookkeeper that does it all for me for about $500 a year for my contracting and HI businesses.
I just drop off my receipts once a week…

(Eric C. Van De Ven, CMI) #3

I have used Microsoft money since the 90s. It is no longer made, however you can get the sunset Edition online for free. I also have an Excel spreadsheet which I use for our home Budget, rental property, all of our income, which ties into our 1040 income tax form.

(Adolfo Garcia, PHD, CPI, NYS License #16000093605) #4

Thanks Eric!

(Jeffrey R. Jonas) #5

I throw everything into a cardboard box, then on February 29th and 30th, I go to my cabin and hammer it all out including my Fed and MN taxes. If I get done early, I get to go fishing. Best-incentive-ever!!

(Joe Funderburk, CMI) #6

Quickbooks Self-Employed phone app. Links to your bank and you can categorize all your transactions. Integrates with TurboTax. Tracks my mileage too. Very nice app.

(Bob Elliott, 450.0002662) #7

You should be doing that quarterly .

(Jeffrey R. Jonas) #8

Not very observant, are you? :roll: