Business software

What business software for keeping track of cash flow and expenditures would you recommend for a one man shop ? I use inspection sofware and feel that its time to get rid of the ledger book and organize the money. Quicken, Peach Tree are choices that I know of. The wife knows Peach Tree so that would be a plus, just not sure if its over kill. Thanks for the input.

I have used quickbooks quick start edition in the past and it was good, although the main thing I used it for was invoicing and I thought it was overkill. I am using a stand alone invoicing software (Instaforms Invoice and Estimate Pro) now which allows me to make some nice invoices, but it is terrible at most everything else.

I was looking at Quicken yesterday and noticed a “Professional Services” edition which looked like it might provide some benifit over the regular edition. It was pricey though - I was wondering if anyone had experience with the professional services edition of quickbooks.

Track expenses with Excel or the free version using Open Office. Create Invoices in word. Many are already made up for you… just add your logo. Create a file folder for each client you work for. Put everything in each clients folder. I call my main folder STLoffice. I consider it my work station. Everything goes in this folder. Backup your folder once a week atleast. Next fiscal year roles around rename your folder STLoffice09 drop your excel sheet in there and start the new year exactly like you did the last one. No need to pay for expensive software.

I noticed you use HG software. HG integrates with QuickBooks.

I use Quick Home & Business to keep track of expenses. It downloads directly from my bank accounts and all I have to do is categorize the expenditures.

I invoice directly from my HI report software, Homegauge.

It looks like QuickBooks might be the ticket. Integrating with Home Gauge is a help, Im really into entering things once. Also was in Office Depot today and they have the pro version on sale for $ 99 bucks. Thanks for the input

I run QuickBooks Pro standard tools to organize business finances with ease, create invoices and reports.

Exports to Excel, can back up to either Windows or Mac.

It’s overkill for me as it will do way more than I can anyway.

I understand that an updated edition will begin shipping in a month or so. Go Intuit!

Ditto…the best in my opinion as well.

If you have a Google account you can use Google Docs spreadsheet instead of Excel or Open Office ( I like to be able to access data from any computer ). Other than that Quickbooks is great depending on how detailed you want to get.

QB may be more than you need right now, but as your business grows you will be glad you have it.
Keep in mind if QB is properly set up at year end you can download your entire file to Turbo Tax to do your taxes. This is a huge time saver!

I do QB setup and trouble shooting when Im not inspecting.
Feel free to email me before you do your set up.

Staples is having a 1 day sale on Quickbooks Pro 2009 today. Cost is $69.99 instead of the regular $199.99

…or download quickbooks simple start.

Thanks Guys, I had a $25.00 off coupon, so it cost me $45.00 for the software. and free delivery.
Awesome deal!!

QB Simple Start (free version) is limited to the # of customers and vendors you can enter. I think it is about 20-25 of each.
This would not be suitable for inspectors…IMO