Hey my accountant wants me to keep a monthly spread sheet to keep track of my expenses, gst paid, revenue, and gst charged…

Im not very good with spread sheets and was wondering if anyone had sample one that I could possibly use?

(he told me the more organized I am the less he’ll charge at the end of the year)

Much appreciated!

Pop the couple hundred for quick books pro, and have your accountant help you set it up. You’ll not be sorry. Once you have it set up, it makes keeping records a snap. It’s easier than balancing your check book (actually makes that easy too.)

PLUS, you can export your data to Excel and make your accountant happy with a spread sheet.

Quickbook Pro… the only way to go

Try this if you do not want to use QB pro. It’s very basic but might get you started

  1. Keep your receipts in 12 large envelopes 1 for each month.

  2. Write the account name on each receipt ( auto expense, rent, etc )

  3. Total receipts for the month by account.

  4. Enter the totals in spread sheet.

If you collect sales tax DO NOT ENTER IT HERE. Income is the amount you charged for your product or service.
Your accountant can take your income for the month and determine sales tax owed.

oopps I guess I can’t attach this file type, I will email it to you if your email is listed.


Are the sales taxes owed in your state due either monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually?

I think QuickBooks is offered with an online edition also, and maybe even a free one for small businesses.

Might want to surf on over to the intuit site and do some looking around.

My state does not charge sales tax on services yet.

quickbook pro will be the best money you have ever spent!!!

If you dont have a large business yet you can download Quick Books simple start for free.

Hey Neal,
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I tried to send your spread sheets, but the email you gave keeps bouncing.
Send a different email and I’ll get it to you.


Does anyone have a spread sheet example I could use?



I sent your P&L templates to listed email.

Thanks so much!