ACE Hardware to promote InterNACHI inspectors. Status report to members...

This is only the 3-state pilot prior to the national, cross-promotional program launching.

Looks like a good promo! Thanks for working on it, Nick. I’ll look forward to distributing some of those ACE cards.

Did I see Wyoming? How do I sign up?

Keith, I’ll get a bunch to you. I’ll call you when they are delivered. Coming in a BRINKS truck next week.


Cool…the 25% off knocks it down to regular retail prices.


Nick, will NACHI do some graphic flyers we can get to the Realtors?
Thanks to all of you for working on this: Ben, Mack, Ron etc…

Thanks Nick. You know this is the sort of thing that really benefits all sides. No downside.

We have a number of other deals with Fortune 500 companies coming soon. All of them promote InterNACHI inspectors to consumers. See

IMO, the site page access should be protected by some sort of code or number.

Hey, lemme know when we can be neighborhood heroes up here, Nick!

Awesome Deal.
let me know when coming to an area near me…

That’s cool. I can’t wait to see it all come together.

When will this program get started? Can we have an update?