ACE just gave InterNACHI $187,500 worth of $25 gift cards for members' clients.

This is a phase of a pilot we’ve been running in conjunction with ACE which could potentially lead to InterNACHI members getting millions of dollars of gift cards to give out to their inspection clients.

More details about how to participate in the program will be released in the coming weeks.

InterNACHI is also working with over a dozen other large companies to provide consumers who hire InterNACHI members with hundreds of dollars of cash gift cards.

It is our goal to eventually provide clients of InterNACHI inspectors with more cash gift cards than the cost of the inspection, thus making inspections free (or even better than free) in North America. We hope that one day soon, consumers who have no need for inspection services will order inspections from InterNACHI members anyway.

How dumb do you have to be to be a non-member?

Keep it comin Nick. Most of the guys in my area are A$Hi and one even told me a few weeks ago that they wanted me to join because they could offer me far more then InterNACHI could. Isn’t that insane!

Cool. Does Ace still use that hot blonde, Connie Stevens, to sing their jingle?

I don’t think there is a place on earth that can offer more than InterNachi.
For $289.00/year

Sounds Fantastic Nick. Looking forward to getting some of these plans activated and the ball in motion.


Been a member 8 1/2 years, Nick, and you still cause me to shake my head in wonder! The goodies never cease . . .

Interesting idea and kudo’s for bringing more to the table…

Having said that… my first thought was “cool”… then I thought, along with “how much is a home inspection” I could hear “how much do you have in give-away’s?”

Am I wrong?

Way to go Nick. Thanks for all that you do to help us.

Thanks Nick. Proud to be a Nachi member

Good ideas Nick.

Does Ace still use that hot blonde, Connie Stevens, to sing their jingle?

Connie Stevens, born in 1938 is now 73 yrs old. James, you are showing your age. LOL!

Nick, when this rolls out we definitely need new marketing brochures. My kid brother was the number 1 salesman for Clayton Homes and he used to say, “If you buy my home, you buy my furniture”. If you want a free HI, you shop at ACE.

Keep it coming. I love InterNACHI!

Can i have about $200 of gift cards - I need a new blower.

Thanks for the great news, and all of your tireless work to make this organization the only one that matters.

After meeting Ben and Big Mack and talking to them, these guys work diligently on projects like this. I think this has been a couple of years to bring to fruition. I met and talked to Paige as well. I can say Nick has sought out a team that works day and night for the organization and it’s inspectors. It’s now up to us, inspector, to elevate the profession and get the pricing we deserve.

We have the tools from Nick it’s now up to use to use them properly and to let the consumer realize that our job take a set of professional skills and deserve professional pay.

I wrote earlier in the week about traveling for a mold test. People slammed me because I was getting paid to perform a professional service. Isn’t that what we are about? Isn’t that a business mans goal, to have people seek you out, decide on you and then choose you for your services? Apparently I was suppose to send othe client to a college and get free stuff done.

The more you “give away” the more you just placed a value on it. FREE TERMITE inspection to me says, my termite inspections arent worth a penny!

Decide on your business model, and if pricing is your objective the falling prices will never end. Know why people price shop? Because they feel ANY idiot can do our job, and our low pricing and bottom feeding confirms it.

Ever hear of a $199 heart transplant?

ACE is the place! Way to go Nick!

Boy is that the truth. I get calls all the time from agents asking me how much for this and that? Really, why do they care?

Great job Nick and staff. Looking forward to hearing more about this program!

I use to give the termite away for free, now that I’m charging for them, more and more people are opting to buy them, even as a stand alone service at $175 a hit.

Additional thoughts, etc. in blue above. What did this have to do with the original post?? Of this post 71% of it did not appear to be relevant to the original post??