ADA and ABA useful links

I completely forgot I had these links and figured they might be of some use to people doing commercial inspections.

Hope the information helps during your next inspection.

Good info. Scott, Thanks.

Here is one more Peter.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks Scott.

Thanks Scott.

Cool link. I was actually enrolled in a class “Building for the American Disabilities Act” at the local comm college. 17 week course. I was pumped, but apparently I was the only one as the class couldn’t generate enough interest and it canceled. Bummer. In a city growing like ours is, not enough people interested…shame.

It is difficult to perform a complete ADA compliance inspection and on top of that, most clients don’t want to pay for it.

This is about as much as any commercial client is typically willing to pay to have you inspect:

Forget ADA, most people don’t even want the commercial inspection defined by this org’s sop and others. Just major components.

I would never perform an ADA inspection, just take the classes for the knowledge. I like to have a lot more knowledge than necessary. If you’re using all the knowledge you have to perform a basic inspection, I don’t feel that’s enough. I like to have a “reserve”.

I agree. Stay away from even using the initials ADA.