Adding WDI inspection

I thinking of adding Termite (WDI) inspections to my services. My reason is because several inspectors in my area do it and I’ve had several inquiries weather I do or not.

My options are to sub-contract or get training and do it myself.
Several counties in the area I serve require a WDI inspection on all real estate transactions.

What I’m looking for is this, do any of you know of training classes, either classroom or correspondence, that are available. I have found a class in Ohio and a correspondence through AHIT in Wisconsin.

Also do any Michigan inspectors know if licensing is required in Michigan. I’ve searched the state web site and have found nothing.

I’m just at the beginning of this so any and all help would be appreciated.



Before you inspect for WBI, training and applicators testing is required in your State.

This link should help you out.

Michigan Department of Agriculture
Pesticide & Plant Management Division
P.O. Box 30017, Lansing, MI 48909
PH: (517) 373-1087 • FX: (517) 335-4540

Does any one know of any on line courses to improve my knowledge on Termites .
We do not have any regulations in Ontario re inspecting for termites…
I have been out many times with my son and he could often find termites where others had missed the sign’s.