WDO in Michigan

I’m curious if anyone knows if you need to be licensed to do wood destroying organism inspections in the state of MI. I know MI has no license or insurance requirements for general home inspections, but curious on the WDO inspections. It looks like to be an applicator, one needs a license, but I’m just interested in the inspection part of it. I called four different Michigan government numbers, and know one can answer me. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

This might help you, if not, I would call them.

I called them, they transferred me to a voice mail. Thank you for the help.

Let us know when they return your call. I’m sure it will help out other inspectors.




WDI/WDO inspections are not regulated in Michigan.


Thank you all for your help. The other reason I asked is because my client is going through the VA for a loan and there’s a NPMA 33 form that pertains to pest inspections. I called NPMA directly because there’s a line on the form that states “business license number”. They told me in the state of MI there’s no licensing requirements so fill that line with “not issued by the state”. I wonder why they need the form at all if that’s the case. Anyway, thank you everyone who chimed in and I hope this can help other inspectors in MI.


Isn’t that the truth! lol.

I no longer do WDI inspections, but when I did, I did them in both Ohio and Michigan. Ohio requires the NPMA 33 and I used to publish the form, so I used the form in Michigan also. I would just put “Not applicable” for the license.

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Very good advice! Thanks George!

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