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I’ve called DNR and the Department of Agriculture and still get no answer or at least not a yes or no. I’m trying to find out if there are requirements for WDO/I inspections in Michigan.

From what I can tell there are no requirements to inspect but there are requirements to apply pesticide.

Anyone in Michigan providing this service know the answer?

I talked to a termite guy today, (he has a termite sniffing dog… yes you read it right) he says to call the USDA, as you did. He said the certification is a written test, that will cost you about 150-200 bucks. He mentioned 7-B and CORE certification, and I am clueless as to what/where/who/why/ after that.

As far as I can tell, still looking, there are no requirements so perhaps the 7-B and CORE certification you mentioned is not a requirement but what he choose to get.

I’m going to take the NACHI course and look for another course that offers training and certification.

I would try calling the Michigan Pest Control Assocation.

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I contacted the department of agriculture to find out about required training to perform WDI inspections and there are none, as longs as you don’t apply pesticide. However the lady I spoke with told me it will be hard to get business for this application because lenders prefer WDI inspectors who are licensed to apply pesticide.

There are tests that have to be taken to received this licensing and a fee of course. I was told to take 7A and 7B along with the commercial core to received pesticide licensing. I’m not really interested in applying pesticide but I do see the value of being able to.

I understand what she’s saying but the reality is I do get calls for WDI inspections so I don’t agree with her statement that I will not receive work without the licensing for pesticide application.

Applicator Certification

The Bug guy I work with on the west side of the state does no applications and is busier than ever. At one point he had a 6 man crew but later changed to a one man operation doing only inspections. I think the lady at the department of agriculture may have false information. I’ve done some checking and found no requirements in Michigan. While I’m off work I plan to take the NACHI course and start doing WDO/I inspections with home inspections when I’m comfortable with them.