Additional Training ?

Do you feel it is beneficial for a home inspector to be certified in Mold &/or Termite inspections also ?

Thanks for your time.

Pete Barnes
Barnes Home Inspections, Inc

pete, it’s my feeling that the more education you have the better off you are. i try to attend any course on any HI related toppic i can just to broaden my skills. also, just because you are “certified” at something doesn’t mean you have to offer that service to anyone and just because you are “certified” doen’t mean you’re an expert. it takes years to become a true expert at just about anthing.

my 2 cents.


I agree with Dave, but would like to add that some insurance co.s may want you to increas your policy depending on what your certified to do. if your certified to co WDIs than the chance is there that you’ll either do it or be in a leagal bind by a client who know your are and calls you on it if your ever wrong about it. cenario; let’s say, hypotheticly, that you inspect a house, notice what might be WDI damage, investigate further and are compfortable that it isn’t. you explain to your client (not mentioning the cert. in WDI) and then the following year they get a termite “issue”. they do a little reserch on you and your company and find out that you are cetified and come after you in court becouse you didn’t mention it in your report. granted it probably won’t hold up in court, but your increaced your libility with your cert. in a feild that you don’t want any responsability in. i think knowlage is power, however sometimes to many certs. put you in a higher libility bracket… (but not enough “certs” will tell all that you have bad breath j/k)

Mold no, Termite yes.

i’ve got a realy good pdf file with realy good WDI info. it’s 23 pages and came “free” with one of my courses. i’ve singled out the file, now how do i post it. let me try…nope can’t post it…huh i’ll try later. sorry guys

o.k. i think i got it lets see…hope this words. i’ve never posted a file of a c.d. befor.


You wouldnt have the written test that goes with the study guide now, or would you?

Nice guide


Demo sample test](“”)

No sorry. there wasn’t one. just a “study guide”, i had another one with lots of color pix. but it’s too big to post.