Arizona termite certification

Anyone have any idea how to become certified in the phoenix area in termite inspections?


you need to have 3,000 hours of verifiable termite experience in the last 5 years. how are you supposed to get 3,000 hours of experience unless that’s your primary job?!

I must have missed something.?

I went to a class or two and took 3 tests (I think) passed now I are a State certified Applicator and that also qualifies me to do WDIIR’s.

How did you come up with 3000 hrs.?

Maybe the State of AZ figures hrs. of experience kinda like the CMI folks do. I took a science class in forth grade that had some bugs in it = 1 semester at 600 hrs. lol:roll:

But you need a QP in order to legal, who is supposed to make sure you get the proper training and education.

I have a Qualifing Party and at this point I am getting close to getting that designation.:smiley:

You only need a QP for getting chemicals and such. I do not have any involment in such matters. I can inspect for Wood destroying insects and infestations, and so can anyone else with the B-2 classification with no need for a QP.

Randy, I once knew a HI in tuscon that said termite inspections would never fly, go figure.:slight_smile:

You need a QP Randy, call me. 480-205-1103:)

Who the heck was that BK???:wink:

The other HI in tucson Todd, there are two HI’s in tucson aren’t there?:smiley:

After New Years I thought we would be calling you lefty, from blowing off your hand.:wink:

i spoke to someone at arizona structural pest control commission and he told me that unless you have a QP, then you need 3000 hours of experience. I told him that I was not planning on treating, just inspecting for and he told me that it did not matter. if anyone knows differently, please let me know. thanks.

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Party killers…

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Thats BS. I am licensed to treat and do inspections. I do have a QP, but from what I understand that is only needed if you require chemical.

Have they maybe changed the rules since you guys got your wdi inspection license? how long have you had them? I’m hoping that this 3,000 hour thing isn’t true. Funny, you need 80 hours to get licensed to inspect an entire house but need 3,000 hours to be able to tell someone if they have termites or not.

Read this again Scott

Unfortunately is is true, you actually need to have three different licensees to perform WDII inspections in AZ with your own company. I agree that this picture is skewed, especially if you watch most of the termite inspectors browsing around the house, filling out the form out and of they go with no peak into crawl spaces, attics, fireplaces etc. Also ethical questionable is the fact that they can inspect it and bid on the removal.

So is it even worth getting the license?

Sure it’s worth it:D :smiley:
The realtors will love you for offering a one stop service:D
The realtors will love you because you won’t find as much as an experienced WDO inspector:D
They really love you when you offer it for free to get the inspection:D
The Pest control companys love you as the realtor tells them to treat what you found:D
Miss something, the pest control co answer will be , hey I only treated what the certified newby HI identified, call him and his insurance co not me:roll:

Oh yea another one… The realtor will really, really, love you because it will make them look good when they say, after the inspection ,
My other company bills at escrow I’m sure that you also do that along with your HI inspection fee :slight_smile:

That is just a dumb thing to say Dan. Is that your favorite association thing to say, or is it your favorite HI school thing to say?:frowning:

If AZ HI’s want to increase their revenue by obtaining the requisite training and State Licenses to offer their client another service why shouldn’t they? :smiley:

I guess they could offer unregulated, limited training, IR camera inspections.:wink: