Adequate hanger for jack truss?

It’s really an engineer’s call, but this looks undersized to me. Anyone want to offer an opinion?

The engineer usually specifies what hardware to use. You would need the approved plans to know.

Agreed. The plans will specify that connection, but it looks sufficient to me. With the top of the hip jack tight against the girder truss, there is really not that much downloading force at the bottom connection.

Most of those are 8d hanger nails including the 4 toenails that are supposed to penetrate the girder and should be 16d sinkers. Not unusual, and I don’t think it’s going to fail, but it’s not right either. Simpson specifies 8d hanger nails for very few connectors.
Instead of 4- 10d and 4- 16d the connection is 4- 8d only. The toenails connect the truss to the hanger, not to the girder.

That said, I think most of what I installed over 30 years as a carpenter in S CA were 8d hanger nails (although we did use 16d for the toenails) and I saw apartment buildings go up with 8d sinkers used for hangers.

If you call it, you look like you really know your stuff. You also look like a deal killer and no one is going to change it anyway.

You were asking about the hangers, not the nails. It’s difficult to determine what nails were used from the picture. Many of these type connections would be buried in insulation in a finished home.

I think it’s against the rules to answer questions as asked, Frank :mrgreen::mrgreen:

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