Jack rafter connection

What do you think about this hanger attaching the jack rafter to the valley rafter.

Looks to me that it was made to fit the adjacent rafter (its got to be wrong).

They forgot the golden rule…measure twice cut once:mrgreen:

or use the correct hanger configuration

New Picture (1).jpg

Simpson makes hangers specifically for that condition. That’s the wrong hanger, pure and simple. An honest, knowledgeable contractor will concur, or you can recommend a structural engineer (who will also concur), but that’s an incorrect connection and may be structurally inadequate.


Why do you think it is the wrong hanger for the application? This is a Simpson LSSU sloped and skewed hanger made for use with I-joists/rafters. It looks like the right hanger to me, and the only issue I see with the installation is that several of the nail holes in the hanger are not filled with nails. If you are not used to looking at LSSU hangers installed, they may look a bit weird, but that’s how they are supposed to look. Check out Simpson’s site. http://www.strongtie.com/products/connectors/lsu-lssu_scl.asp

I know it’s the wrong hanger because I was a carpenter for about 30 years, and for most of those years, we used Simpson hardware. I know this stuff by heart.

From a quick look at the Simpson installation guides it would appear that this may very well be a compliant installation except for the unfilled nail holes. It would also appear that there are more appropriate Simpson hangers that could have been used though. Kinda looks like you are both correct. :slight_smile:

lsu.JPG lsu5.JPG




Plus it looks like a floor joist.
(yep take a close look) That is an i joist


I would be curious to know why the Jack Rafters are TJI’s on one side and common lumber framing on the other?

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