Adobe Roof Support?

So you have a 100 year old adobe building and you eventually want to put a new more modern roof on.
I guess this is how you would do it.

Nice picture there buckeroo!

Interesting also.

It took me a second or two to realise what I was looking at Dale. I guess I should have called out lack of hurricane straps.:slight_smile:

This was neat.

I hear ya there, looks like a giant capped termite mound…

Oh lord, looks like a charmer indeed.

Place was in need of some TLC huh…:-;;

Actualy pretty soild Dale. Maybe some duct tape on the flue would help

These two pictures were the the best part of tonight’s nightmare…:twisted:

Less than 6 throws and all the wire nuts match. YOU ARE A DEAL KILLER.:twisted: :roll:

You get all the easy houses.:cool:

Deal killer, never…
Not our fault though its just us and the property…

Pouring a bond beam is how it’s often done. Too bad about the other ugliness.

Seismic Statbilization of Historic Adobe Structures (Getty Conservation Institute) has some good information on stabilizing old adobes even if seismic stabilization isn’t an issue…"seismic%20stabilization%20of%20historic%20adobe%20structures"