Adopted Florida SOP

(3) The inspector is not required to:
(a) Determine heat supply adequacy or distribution balance;
(b) Operate heat pump systems when ambient temperatures pose the potential for damage to the air conditioning system;
© Determine cooling supply adequacy, distribution balance or indoor air quality;
(d) Operate the air conditioning system when ambient temperatures pose the potential for damage to the air conditioning system.

Ok, is there a question here?

As Russel said AND…

I assume there is a little more to the Adopted Florid SOP. And who Adopted it?

Will you all be testing dish and cloths washers and dryers etc…

Hope is much better than despair. Today I once again have a tad bit of hope, it has been that way for a few weeks now. Waiting truly sucks :slight_smile: We shall see what tomorrow brings :slight_smile: Having one guys opinion of you decide your possible future is an odd feeling at best even when you think you are on the same page and you think someone sees in you what you feel is true about you is drives you crazy to wait to see if you can strike a deal.

Didn’t put in the rest of the story.
There was a comment a month ago or so that all heat pumps can be operated in Heat or Cool mode in any weather/temperature.
This is listed in the state SOP and provides options.

They wimped out on our standards. Obviously someone, or some association, with low standards got to them. It actually makes it easier for those of us that report to a higher standard and not just to the written word. It will set us apart from the rest of those who choose to stick to the letter of what was just published.

Watered down is the term I used. As you said Bill, it makes it easier, for now, for those of us that have always exceeded any standards used.