Adopting Jim Bushart's idea for hiding the Daily Door Prize.

Starting now, you never know where the Daily Door Prize will show up. Could even be on an existing thread.

This weekend we have a really nice one… $1,500.00 value.

ME me me me

Ohhhhhhh that was cold Nick!

I can tell you where it won’t be… it won’t be in members-only as I don’t have access to those forums.

BWAHAHAHA!!! Peter, LOL! ROFLMAO!!! WooHOO!!! That’s what you get for calling me a brat! LOL!

Okay Nick, it’s ON! :smiley:

I thought FINALLY!!! I had Wendy beat, grrrrrrrrr

I knewwwwww you were hiding on here,…

still Chuckling




Laugh it up HA! HA! Girl!

Okay. :smiley:


Perhaps you should also vary the time of posting the prize. Some of us who have to inspect in the mornings don’t stay up past midnight waiting to find the prize.

I agree, due to the time zones the west coast guy’s have an advantage if it is posted just after midnight EST