Should I start hiding the Daily Door Prize on various threads so it isn't so easy?

What do you guys want me to do?

Hiding would be great. Let the clicking begin :slight_smile:

Yep, I think you should hide it. It would make it more challenging and more fun.

I was going to pass the stereo to Cheryl but my son doesn’t have one and never has. So I told him I would pass the next won to her if I win another one.

Not sure how you would hide it Nick - I’m just thinking out loud, but I think all new post would be posted when the “New Post” button is selected from the above menu items - again TOL - what about limiting a prize to once a week, month, etc???

Just for a very big clue okay?

I don’t use the New Post button.

At all.

All posted by the janitor?


I have an idea. Announce the daily door prize as you always have, but do not give it is own thread and title. Simply post it as a reply to an existing thread.

Nick, how about changing your options on control panel to sign on as invisible. Then I won’t have to keep checking all day to see if you are on line.:slight_smile:
Oh-yeah I like to adding to existing post idea, too.

And limit winners to once every thirty or sixty days!

Hiding and winning limits would be fairest.

I agree, let everyone enjoy the prizes…one every thirty days sounds good!

Great idea

One prize only every 30 days. Some of us have to work for a living and cannot spend all day at the computer.

It doesn’t even have to be 1 every 30 days… It could be 1 every 14 days (2 weeks). That way You don’t lose out on a large prize that shows up in the middle of the month because you won a small prize at the beginning of the month.

I’m sure there would be prizes that would have exceptions, like the ones that have multiple winners.

**Nick could also do something like the 3rd or 4th, etc. person to respond wins. (Multiple posts by the same member do not count) **

That could make things simpler.

Also, only being able to win 1 of any given prize. This way no one wins 2 radios, TV’s, etc.

Nick, Its your show so you can do whatever you would like.
None of us have any “right” to demand changes.
Everyone is a little to concerned with “fairness”
I may think certain parties spend far too much time waiting for you to post the daily prize but they have been won “fair and square” under the terms you established.

That being said, here are my idea.

How about adding a HI knowledge question that must be answered correctly to “win” a daily drawing entry.(It could be tied to the QOD)
That way you could post the question each day and a drawing could be held after the day has ended. (you pick which time zone applies)
This would encourage members to view the board each day knowing they would have a chance at the prize every day as long as they answered the question. Increased participation and increased knowledge. Its a Win Win IMHO

Nick as you have already done so much for all of us here, it just does not seem right for you to burden yourself with this task. With that in mind, I think the best solution to this sticky situation is for you to send all of the prizes to me, and I will find a way to distribute the prizes in the future.:twisted: :wink:

Or you can just continue the way it is, which seems fine also.:smiley:

Yes,well…okay…and I’ll help Brian…

…we’ll be fair…you can trust us…

…honest…give it a shot.:cool: :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay with that too but no one should be able to win more that once a day. :wink: :shock:

Good points Larry. Once a day:D :mrgreen:

Everyone will pass the smaller prizes because they don’t want to miss out on the big ones, like the $5000 prize.

That may be true. That’s one reason to consider the idea I gave in post #15 of this thread.