Today's Daily Door Prize


Where’s Kenny?

Good try Wendy!

I thought it was pretty funny. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

It was funny :smiley:

I thought about doing that myself.

LOL! Great minds and all! :wink:

You got that right.

I will have to retire my prizing winning for the night, I think I am getting Carpal Tunnel from posting too much.


I’ll take over where you leave off.

Nick’s going to post the truck soon anyway. :wink:

Ok you go for, let me know what model you win.

will do

well maybe I’ll wait a few more minutes for the truck.

I keep getting foiled by my own thread! :wink:

i knew it

I knew you’d stay up LOL!

Hey Kevin, I like your website. :slight_smile: Little guy is cute. :slight_smile:

Thanks Wendy.

I’m going to have to recruit someone to spice mine up a bit. :slight_smile: I need more pages. I may have to pay the monthly fee to get some more options.

I pay only $9.99 a month for my site, I have total control over it. A control panel with Lot’s of options and extra programs.

Care to share? :slight_smile:

How’d you get little guy in there?

I have a few other sites I need to go up and I need some good options like that.