Advanced Electrical Inspection-Bonding

A few questions.
Can someone please tell me where I am supposed to see the bonded neutrals/grounds in this main service panel?

Where on this SEC does it say what gauge the wire is?

The 3 SEC are solid black, white stripe and red stripe. I am assuming this is the required identification for the neutral wire ( with white stripe)?

This panel has the main disconnect outside, on the other side of the wall. This is code in my city. Does that have any bearing on where I may see the bonding?

I included the panel label and circled info regarding the wiring diagram and bonded neutral. I think it may be a clue? :thinking:


I believe the bonding screw belongs here, but I can’t tell if it’s in, usually green.

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Cable looks like 4/0 ser.

That is where the bonded neutral is. It looks like the distribution panel you have posted is wired as a sub panel, with the grounding conductors over to the right bonded to the metal cabinet.

I see it now, like Chris said, that’s a sub-panel.

Are you saying 4/0 from experience or is there something on the labeling (second pic.) that tells you that?

So, since in my city we need the main service disconnect outside, the “main service panel” in the garage here has separate neutrals and grounds, like a sub-panel in say a detached garage would have?

My opinion/experience looks like 4/0. I believe you’d have to see the marking on the outer jacket of the SER for a stamp.

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With Square D panels the green bonding screw usually goes where arrow is pointing. But it would not be there if this was wired as a sub panel.



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Ok. Thanks.
There are 2 separate ground buses, one on the left and one on the right. Is that in keeping with how a sub-panel should be set up?

In your photo there seem to be left and right neutral busses.
And left and right ground busses.

That’s all about keeping wiring neat.

The requirement to keep ground and neutral separate came out in… 1978… if I remember right. So, you’ll see a lot that are bonded together. There’s no requirement to change anything legally installed at the time.

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Is the pic of the diagram/cover the one that belongs to the panel shown?

Good question. Actually, it’s from the outside cover. The labels on the inside panel were obscured by wires in the box and the panel cover labels didn’t have the information I was expecting to see. I guess that’s why I was so confused.

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Everything looks correct

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