[FONT=arial,helvetica,sans-serif]NACHI Certified Education is coming to:[/FONT]…gif?version=1
Atlanta** - March 29th, 2007 - NEW CLASS!**
ADVANCED Electrical Course for Home Inspectors - Instructor, Paul Abernathy, Master Electrician…gif?version=1
[FONT=Arial]Dropdead date for this seminar is March 8th, 2007 - a minimum number of registrations must be received by this date or the event will be rescheduled.[/FONT]…gif?version=1

**Early Bird Registration Deadline: March **


lol…man you are working it HARD their bruce…lol…I admire your SPIRIT…:slight_smile:

Paul, what can I say, they finaly get some of the advance stuff and now no one wants to take it. I have been in a few grounding bonding courses up north that were put on by the poco. I just like this kinda stuff, hell I will even buy you a couple of hamburgers.:smiley: